Iago's SCA Picture Index

I've just gotten started on this site, which will hopefully become a sort of master index to SCA pictures on the Internet. Feel free to take a look around, and if you know of any links that should be added, please submit them.

What's Added

Date Added Event Event Date Location (SCA) Location (Mundane) For Further Information
11/04/04 Les Jeux des Chevaux IV 09/11/04 Shire of Quintavia, East Kingdom Harvard, MA kilbou92 at hotmail dot com
11/04/04 The History of the Kingdom of the West N/A West Kingdom Western USA hirsch at goldenstag dot net
11/04/04 Pennsic 32 08/03 East & Middle Kingdoms Western PA doniago at foobox dot com

If it has to be said, I make no claims to any copyrights associated with any of the sites linked to. Unless otherwise stated I do not own these pictures nor in any way suggest you have or grant you permission to use them for your own purposes. Also, if it was not clear, this site is NOT an official publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism nor is it affiliated with said Society. It's mine.

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