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The Life and Times of Andy Corvin

Also known popularly for as Don Iago el Matador de Pesco (Fishslayer) de la Casa Grey Ledge.

This page is not quite as definitely under construction as it was before.  Hurray!  :) 

So what is all this Iago/Fishslayer stuff about, anyway?

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Newcomers to my page, welcome! Oldies, here's where I'm keeping updates- (6/27/02)- Yeah, I know, long time since the last update. Well, I've got a LiveJournal these days. ( 8/21/01)- I have created a webpage detailing my Pennsic XXX experiences. It will be undergoing some more development, but the basics are up. If you'd like to see it, contact me. Due to the nature of it, there won't be a link anywhere. (5/1/01)- Yes, I know, haven't updated in a while. I've added a bunch of links, but the biggest changes are to my furry page, and I strongly encourage anyone on FurryMUCK to check out the modifications. Since those changes are taking up a decent amount of my time right now, I'll make more interesting changes later. Until I say so, don't assume that anything on my furry pages is finalized content, but do assume that I've tried to be as honest as possible. (5/29/00) After a long period of lapse, I'm finally doing web stuff again. I've updated this page and a few others. I've also graduated college! Whoopee! I've now got a BA in English Writing, with a minor in Computer and Information Sciences. Not quite how I foresaw things going, but I'm not going to complain either. While my cumulative GPA sucks due to a few years of slack-off, my grades for the last year are enough to keep me happy. I'm working on posting my resume here, and will put up a link once I've done so. MY PICTURE

The amount of construction is really beginning to diminish. Damn, now what will I do with my spare time?

So, I suppose you want to know about me? Well, I was a student at the State University of New York at Potsdam, but I graduated on May 21, Y2K. Felt good, too. And I still graduated before my 3 year younger brother. By a week! I heartily suggest college...it's ultimately worth it. Expect to change majors at least once though.

Originally I'm from Yorktown Heights, New York (who would have figured you could drive 8 hours and stay in the same state?). As mentioned, until July of Y2K I was living and being educated in Potsdam, NY. After that about 2 weeks of job-searching occurred, culminating in my acquiring a job at IBM (and guess where that webpage is) in Burlington, VT. Suddenly I found myself moving in the span of 2 weeks. So until recently I was a Measurement and Business Controls Administrator (ooooh, enigmatic title) at IBM, and much happier than I was in Potsdam. Mostly what that title meant was that I did a lot of spreadsheet work, preparing reports and such. I'm so corporate. :)

Well, all good things... June 15th 2001 was my last day at IBM, involuntarily. Thanks to the wonderfully unpleasant economy we've had lately, IBM made cutbacks, and lots of them. I may be working for Immigration soon, but that's not for sure yet. Anyway, unemployment's not so bad after almost a year of steady job, and things could be worse. They could be better, though. Oh well, story of my life.

BTW, some of you had doubted it, but it's true- I'm 55% bitch!

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Reasons Why This Page Used to Suck

  1. I was new to HTML
  2. This was my first attempt at a page.
  3. I wasn't trying to be Godly. For more info, check out Corvinism.

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