People Whom the Fishslayer Considers to be Most Unworthy

I think the title sums it up pretty effectively. If you don't get why they're being called unworthy, you need to brush up on Corvinism. Most of these people I've known for years, and as I'm sure they'd be willing to testify, they've put up with mucho crap from me in the past, yet we're still friends. I guess one of the rewards for being my friend is that you get your name on my webpage? Oh well, if you're interested, take a look at their stuff-

Ripner is one of my oldest friends from FurryMUCK. He's a bit of a goof, but that could be said of most of my friends.

Sharon or Skya, one of my Potsdamian acquaintances, and one of my name-givers.

Amanda! If I had to pick a friend who reminds me most of myself, she'd probably be the one. We actually grew up about 20 minutes away from each other, but didn't know it until we met at college. In the spirit of all enduring friendships, we've gone through some massively unpleasant times together, but I'd like to think it only made what we have now stronger. Losing her would suck. Oh, and her hair is an evil tentacle. Amanda is also a freaky (in that good way) professional artist. Check out her stuff here!

Oh, hey! If you're a friend of mine, and have cool links you want me to list, lemme know!

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