Welcome to the AZASSCA!

The A-to-Z of Arts and Sciences in the Society for Creative Anachronism

This site is designed to serve as an index of the arts and sciences commonly practiced in the SCA. Unlike other websites, which generally group articles by subject, this site is geared towards newcomers and others who may have a developed persona, but aren't sure what their persona would have done with their lives. As a result, you'll find that the articles are grouped by time period, geography, and class of society, with the subject being of secondary importance. While the site is geared towards members of the SCA, the information contained is intended to be historically accurate and non-SCAdians may find the site useful as a result.

Currently, the site is under heavy development/refinement, and not really open to the public. Please do not submit articles at this time, but feel free to look over the form if you wish. At this time there are also 3 AZASSCA related mailing lists- one intended to serve as an archive of articles, one for discussion of the articles, and one for discussion of the site itself. If you have thoughts on any of this, please contact the webmaster, or feel free to add your voice to the mailing list.


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